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Who We Are

Healthcare continues to be consumer-driven with a value-based reimbursement model. Statera Health is at the forefront of that change in southeast Alabama by preparing our providers, hospitals, payors and employer partners for the delivery of healthcare.

Established in Dothan, Alabama in 2015, Statera was formed by a group of physicians, Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) and the Houston County Health Care Authority. These entities had a vision to provide quality patient care at the most efficient cost under the new era of value-based reimbursement.

The founders envisioned a provider and hospital network with leading technology that aligns providers, hospitals, payors and employers to share clinical information to optimize patient outcomes at the most efficient cost.

The goal is for physicians to practice preventive medicine to keep people healthy while providing significant cost savings for our provider, hospital and payor partners. We are a “Clinically Integrated Network Organization”, approved by the Federal Trade Commission, and the Department of Justice.
Our collaborative approach among healthcare providers and payors has successfully achieved improved patient-centered care and healthcare cost efficiency.

Statera has achieved significant health plan savings for our health plan partners, and improved the quality of life for the employees and members of our health plan partners.

To learn more about the benefits of joining our physician healthcare cooperative, please review the information on this website that is organized separately for Providers, Health Systems, Employers, and Brokers and Payors.